Joval Monroe Martin
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Sugar Lab

Introduce a new sweet shop to the Washington, DC’s highly desirable and commercially competitive neighborhood, Georgetown. 


The Job

Research methodology

Eat lots of ice cream.
Demographic data from the neighborhood, and the university but also Washington, DC as a whole since Georgetown is a tourist destination.
Competitive analysis of the 23 desert shops in Georgetown

The Brief


This consumer is affluent, educated, and takes decent care of their body. Any dessert is a naughty indulgence, so it’s important that it’s worth it.  Consumers want to be smart about their sweets. 


Create a Research Institute for Happiness.

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Design Concept

A lab that has been sweetened.
Classic white lab with pops of sweet colors.


Incremental Happiness
Trial without the error


Sugar Lab is like Your Favorite Professor.
She's great at taking an abstract idea, like happiness,
and explaining in concrete examples, like desserts.         

Totally approachable, never condescending.


Trial as a part of the experience.

Regularly invite customers to participate Flavor Research (choose a new flavor to add to the menu)

Brand Pillars



Sweetness -- We see that both literal and figurative sweetness can ease the tensions of life.



We love to explore what is possible by focusing on asking interesting questions rather than the potential for error.

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We see the many difficult parts of day to day life, and provide good energy to balance them out.

The Work

Brand Identity

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A Little Bit of Happiness


The Team

Creative Director Lauren Boynton, Elleby Design Studio

Interior Design Strategist Peter Fraser, 37

Interior Design Disciple Jordan Greene,  37