Joval Monroe Martin
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Reach new listeners in the American Heartland.


The Job


Spotify has done a great job feeling the beat of the urban millennial music experience. Its key value of discovery helps its listeners be the first to hear that new band. Spotify listeners have a soundtrack all of their own, which is essential to feeling special in a crowded place.

But in the Heartland, community is far more important. Music isn’t what sets us apart; it’s what brings us together. It’s sitting out on the lake listening to Brad Paisley. It’s singing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” with your mom. It’s being at the bar when Journey comes on and everyone sings “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Our task was to bridge this divide. We had to turn Spotify from a toy for the "Urban Elite" into just a your favorite way to hear good old fashion music. 


Heartlanders don't avoid Spotify because they don't want to use technology. They are heavy users of other digital music platforms (Pandora) and very active on social media (Facebook).  

Unlike urbanites, who associate sameness with being dull or unoriginal, people from the American middle appreciate the familiar. In places where outsiders can be seen as not being real Americans; language, clothing, cars, and music often needs communal approval before being tried, tested, and accepted.  In the Heartland Spotify can be less about discovering new music and more about discovering one another.


The Brief


Spotify’s devotion to discovery feels alien to people who use music as a form of nostalgia and connection with community. For Heartlanders, music is about remembering the good old days and having a great time with friends

The cookouts, tailgates, and family gatherings they love are only made better with music..


Show Heartlanders the Spotify is the ideal platform for good times in the places you know and with the people you love.

Creative Concept

Remind people of the feeling they get when the hear a great song
- the "Oh my God! I love that song!" moment.


“You know it.”


The Work

Out of Home


Local Bars


Sports Venues

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The Team

Strategist Hunter Kelly

Creative Brand Manager Mark Thompson

Copywriter Thea Ryan

Art Director GL Richardson

Experience Designer Naomi Jean-Bradley