Joval Monroe Martin
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Monument City Music

Help an organization in transition engage with its members, audience, and donors by identifying the soul of its brand.


The Job


After a number of changes in leadership Monument City Music and its members found themselves wrestling with the desire to be more than a group of singers. They wanted to have an impact on the LGBT community and their city. It was time for them to move beyond their fledgling non-profit status.


Research consisted of focus groups and interviews with members in the organization’s three choruses, their directors,  donors, and its governing board. Combed through academic research on the impact that LGBT Choruses have on their communities and members. 

Key Findings

Chorus members are the organization’s primary source of community engagement. They are instrumental in inviting new singers to join, encouraging people to come see their shows, and the largest source of individual donations come from the members themselves.

To bring in a new set of singers, audience members, and donors Monument City Music needed to clearly articulate a heartfelt purpose that would excite the current membership. The purpose needed to meaningful and straightforward. I had to get people excited about the organizations possibilities so that they in turn would share that message with others and invite that to become active participants in that purpose.


"Why do you sing with the chorus?"

“I needed something to do on Mondays.”
“I’m here to see lesbians.”
“Only my dog has ever heard me sing.”
“I felt alone.”
“To get away from home.” 
“I love this chorus. These people are my friends.”


The Brand Architecture

Brand Purpose

Monument City Music exists to bring a message of unity and hope to the people of Richmond


Monument City Music leads welcoming choruses in creating a more inspired, hopeful, and unified Richmond through song.


Joy through Artistry

Intentional Community



Meaningful relationships



“We are a safe space for people who are either LGBTQ or allies who would like to socialize with people who are of a similar mindset.”


The Brief


While members doing the choruses to sing that really stay for the for community.


Build a more engaging experience for the members.


Recognize that Monument City Music’s true function was as a safe space for members of the LGBT community and its allies. By focusing in on this key function Monument City Music had the opportunity to spread its message of hope and joy beyond its current member base.

Richmond Men's Chorus Community

“It's nice to sing but, I wouldn’t stay if there was no community. ” 


The Tactics

Open the rehearsal space at 30 minutes early

New member orientation

Define the role of the Section Leader

Create a buddies

Rename the organization

Adopt a new visual Identity


New Logos


The Team

Art Director Nicky Tilley-Manulik

Assistant Strategist Stephen Sides

Musical Inspiration Joshua Wortham