Joval Monroe Martin
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Elevate Build-a-Bear in parents’ minds above the point-and-click commodity bear.

The Job


The Build-a-Bear Workshop sells more than just a teddy bear. They sell the experience of creating one’s own special friend. Because the buying process is experience-driven Build-a-Bear has had difficulty adapting to the digital world. Because of that its sales have fallen along with the decline in sales at American malls overall. This despite the fact that the toy market continues to grow.

Research Findings:

Handmade gifts mean more than things that are simply purchased.

A favorite stuffed animal as more than just a toy. It is a life-long friend. While other toys are often discarded, a favorite stuffed animal is a memento of childhood often kept for life.


The Brief


Parents can’t always be there for their children.
There are time when a parent needs a surrogate.


Help parents see that they aren’t buying just a teddy bear.
They are securing a friend for their child who will be there through all of life’s ups and downs.

Creative Concept

Create stories of friendship and love.
Show how the act of building a bear is a symbol of friendship, love, and devotion.


Memories are made here.


The Work


Build A Bear Stories









The Team

Strategist Jass Sosa 

Strategist Cole Hammack

Art Director Sarah Wallace

Experience Designer Aaron Wachsstock

Copywriter Jack McNamara