Joval Monroe Martin


I Learn, I Build, I Sing. 


Joval Monroe Martin

At my core I’m a dreamer. I believe that for an object to have any real value, it must be both beautiful and functional. It’s precisely the marriage of beautiful and useful that brings me to marketing.

I still want to do something that makes the world a better place. I do that by helping companies understand their customers better and guiding them in producing goods truly do good.

As  a hungry learner,  I question every part of the process, I do my homework and deliver answers. I’m good at is not only believing in the potential of project but, also providing the evidence and doing the work to prove that it can be done. 

It's not just seeing the big picture. It's understanding how the pieces come together and working out a path from possible to complete that sets me apart from those other dreamers.

I see the world with all of its potential, and I want to be apart of bringing it to life